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Did you know that our unconscious mind controls 95% of our actions, habits, patterns, and beliefs? Yep, 95% of what we do, believe, repeat and think happens on automatic and outside of our conscious awareness.  Old programmes that never update and embedded habits that never change are encoded in our unconscious mind for years, maybe since we were very young, running our lives without our knowing, and we wonder why we struggle, procrastinate, feel unworthy and get stuck as we make plans to change and set goals that never seem to manifest or we can't seem to commit to them for long.  
We may tell ourselves with a firm, determined tone 'This time I'm going to do it. Whatever happens, I'm going to make it happen, no if's or but's' - but that self-talk is just a conversation with the conscious bit of our mind, which is only the remaining 5% or so, and however committed we are, our decision won't get us very far unless we somehow get the other 95% on board too.
You see that 95% - the unconscious mind - has one fundamental job; to keep you safe.  As soon as you make any conscious moves and start thinking and saying what you want, or wanting to change, or wanting a better life - anything it senses might be a threat to its safety status quo rules - it starts to freak out and begins to send you little messages to pull you back from any of those silly ideas. 
"Who do you think you are?"
"What will people think?"
"You're never satisfied"
"You have a great husband, kids, job ........... (fill in the blanks) why do you want more?"
“Just be happy with what you have. Don't be greedy”
"You are such a dreamer"
"What's all this rubbish about confident self?'
Sound familiar? 

Well, You don't have to stay stuck in that 'I want it but can't seem to get it, however hard I try' cycle. I can help you break through all those self-limiting stories and fairy tales and go on to create and live your wildest dreams!

 As a Master of both Conversational Hypnotherapy and Coaching, and a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, I hold a safe and supportive space for you using Hypnotic Coaching  (a synthesis of all my skills and experience), I will help you easily and safely get to, identify and understand the root causes of why you have been stuck and going round in circles for years. Then we untie all those knots in your thinking and clear the unconscious blocks that have been preventing you from being who you want to be and receiving what you want.


Gently, 'Aha' moments and profound understandings emerge from your unconscious mind and then the magic can happen because with understanding comes power. The power to choose and solidly embed new, empowering beliefs that will free you to be bold and brave and to say what you want - and be confident you will receive it - because you finally 'get it' that you are valuable and deserving of anything and everything just because you are you!

When you 'get it', that understanding never disappears. Whatever areas of your life you choose to upgrade, expand, embolden - personal, professional, health, well-being, relationships, creativity, business - when you dare to declare what you truly want and commit to clearing out all the unconscious sh*t that's been holding you back, you unleash your hidden spirit and potential and reclaim your power. You are free to be your most confident self and to go for your wildest dreams

We always start with an exploration call prior to any work with me. The purpose of your call is for us to find the best solution to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. We will talk about where you feel stuck, what you desire in your heart and the unique way for you to achieve your goals, dreams and desires.

Once we determine we are a great fit to work together, we will map out the personal plan that will help you become the uniquely powerful, self-assured, confident woman you want to be.

Within each of my 1 : 1 programmes, all your sessions are tailored to your personal, specific needs and the results you want in your life.

My goal for you is always to give you the best results as quickly as humanly possible!
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