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Prior to creating my coaching and hypnotherapy business, my background was in teaching, social work, and group leadership. I have had my current business for over twenty five years. It's my life passion to help my clients dispel their fears and self-doubt and go on to create the life and business of their dreams.
My personal journey to happiness and self-fulfillment began when I was in my twenties. I was depressed, withdrawn, isolated, and deeply unhappy. Having been severely anorexic and then bulimic and an emotional eater for years, I was desperately searching for something that would help me overcome my problems and discover how I could live a happy, healthy, confident life on my own terms. However, I admit I put off really doing anything about my issues for years because every time I tried to fix myself, self-doubt, anxiety and the fear of failing - again! - got in my way and I would end up just going round and round in circles getting nowhere and feeling worse than ever.
Eventually I got it that the 'do it myself' approach didn't work because all the subconscious blocks that were in my way just kept on doing their job - blocking me - and without help I would never untangle the puzzle of why, however hard I tried, I just couldn't solve my problems, feel great about myself and live a life I loved.

So I took a bold leap, jumped into therapy and dedicated myself to finding out all I could about who I really was, who I could be, and how I could create the life I secretly dreamed of - but didn't dare to voice for fear of disappointment. I explored, experienced and trained in various kinds of personal growth work and individual and group therapy. I took on the assistant director role in a therapeutic community in London for a few years and then spent time travelling and working in Europe as a coach, group leader and Manifesting course instructor. I returned to London in 1996 and set up a successful coaching and hypnotherapy practice and continued to train
 extensively adding Performance Coaching, NLP, Master Coaching, and Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy to my skill set.

Running my own business has not only fulfilled me, it has also given me the freedom to do some some crazy things along the way - like trekking on the Great Wall of China, fire walking, working in a refugee camp, climbing mountains, and I even piloted a plane for my 75th birthday and published my first book for my 76th!

Since 2008 I've been living my wildest dreams and working on-line from my home by the sea here in Newquay. Cornwall. UK. Want to know more about how together, we can uplevel your business and your life for good and forever?
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My Credentials
Master of Conversational Hypnotherapy - Internationally Accredited Master Coach - Performance Coach - Licenced Manifesting Course Instructor - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - Primal Therapist - Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner - Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner - Bachelor of Education (Hons)
I am full insured for all my services
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